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Hello! Yes I am doing Blogmas this year, posting various blogs on either of my sites everyday from tomorrow, 1st December to the 25th December 2019. I will be updating you about Henry now this is his 6th Christmas and how he is now understanding a lot more about the festive season.

Henry for a long time didn’t really know what was going on, but now he is and seeing your child discover and grow new findings as they develop is fantastic but mind boggling at the same time.

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My son at 6 years old


My son with my husband Trilby hat on at  6 years old

I can not believe how fast the time has gone and sometimes I wish I could freeze the time for a few hours or so, because before you know it they are leaving their baby hood to move onto toddler world and then onto school.

Henry has grown so much even since I last posted on this site check out my last blog post in this link here: Henry is now in year one and is doing new things each day for example he now will tell us what he wants more, as before because he has speech delay didn’t often do even up to he was 5 and would point or take you to things instead of talking, but you do have to encourage them to speak by saying “Tell me” and if you can create which I have begun to do, flash cards to help with the word and images, this can really make a difference.

My son and my niece aswell who is younger than Henry, will more or less go by the image rather than the word to know the word and what it is associated with.

He is a little behind at school because unlike last year there is a lot more structured learning.  Last year, in early years it was very much about learn and play, but this year it is a lot of sit down and learning which Henry does find tricky to do. However and we have tried to explain this to his school who I do praise as they have helped immensely but because his teachers don’t see him 7 days a week often don’t see what we do and that is if it is something he is interested in like at the moment it is helicopters or football he will sit down and concentrate.

So what I have done is used that to say for example when out “How many helicopters have we seen today” and we will go over how many we have seen or if there happens to me more than one at a time I say and the same for planes too as he loves these also “let’s count how many we can see”. Henry works better with simple learning techniques and counting is just as important as adding up and subtracting, and with Henry I find introducing little bits at a time to be more effective and will remember. Repetition is the key and it can get tiresome but overwhelming him never I have found, has helped either. I include more gradually as Henry is beginning to learn and understand.

This year for his birthday check out my blog which I wrote on my other parenting site about Arranging a kids birthday/never try to please everyone because it is just impossible, which I share more about what we did, but we booked a gymnasium type of venue where kids could jump, swing and just basically go crazy, which they did as this is what Henry adores.

The difference between when Henry as a baby and a toddler is that he didn’t really know what to going on, on his birthday and wasn’t really interested in opening up his presents but this year most definitely and he is opening one up at the moment to help cheer him up as he has been unwell and off school, as he was sent home from school on Monday and Tuesday, is he really loves opening up his presents and going through his cards now and to be a bit different this year and to stop Henry eating too much chocolate as I am guilty, is he has on some days had a lot of it, but doesn’t benefit him, is I am going to create his own personal Avent Calendar with different items. Once I have created this I will post more about this very soon on my other site The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks. 

He loved it when he was sung happy birthday this year and even cried afterwards when we got home. His party which was the Saturday before his birthday on the Monday, he wanted to be sung happy birthday to him once again, which my husband and I did, and also relighted a candle to do it again.

One thing I had not expected as no one tells you is that not only do children have the terrible two’s but with Henry he has had the terrible fives and six’s. He can be very stroppy and his new thing is, is sitting on the floor with his back to you facing a wall  folded arms and legs, and does a “humph”.

This reminds me of when I was a primary school, because back then if you did wrong the teachers would get you to face a wall crossed legged and arms for some times what felt like an eternity, and because this was punishment you didn’t really want to be doing this because you could be sitting there until break, lunch or or until end of day. I have done timeout and got Henry to sit in a corner more to calm him but not really to punish and not to face the wall, but Henry does this voluntarily when he can’t get his way.

He also stamps his feet, his favourite words when he has a strop is “NO” very loudly or “Go away”, which apparently he picked up from another child at school.

Yes unfortunately even though it has some positives, is that he does tend to copy a lot, so you do have to be careful with your language and behaviour, but the one good thing is he knows how to be loving and affectionate too.

Henry loves a book still and enjoys a story one being Each Peach Pear Plum, which he has liked since he was a baby and really enjoys this book more than ever and even joins in at the end of the book and is very good at reading  books too. Henry’s pronunciation is brilliant and says words very clearly. He still doesn’t understand some words so we do have to ask effective questions and simple’s ones and use images if we can, this is where flash cards or props do come in handy, and this is not to boast but to show that if your child has development delay too then don’t worry as they will often catch up, may take a little longer but I have found being consistent and persistent, making gradual changes as he does on his own too, but will get there soon, and more often have a lot of other strengths that helps them with their weaknesses too.

Henry for example has known how to unlock doors and open gates, which in turn has helped him with his independence. Yes it does mean that we have to make sure the back door key is taken out and our front door is locked when we are in and key is removed too, because he can easily get out, but at the same time if when it is lot less cold, not raining and his is not unwell and it is a sunny warm day and not dark, when the key is in the back door he can open it himself without needing help should he want to play out in the garden.

He has learned at school by doing each day and has a fantastic memory of where his peg is to hang his coat at school and where to put his book bag, and the same for when we are at home.

What we have done to help implement the learning he has learned at school and the school has done to help us with what we have taught Henry to help with his development at home is collaborating with the teachers and making sure we do the same kind of things they do at school and they in turn do the same to what he has learned at home, to help him continue to grow as a person and not get confused or thrown off course,   and to with his transitions each day and what is expected of him.

Henry works well with a good routine and structure but often he will let us know when he wants a change. Example for ages we would walk the back way to school which isn’t really longer but I do have to leave a little earlier because of the busy road we cross as often in the morning it can be full of cars and getting a cross the road as there isn’t a zebra or traffic light crossing near and is further down have to be take our time to cross when there are less cars on the road and Henry has lost patience to walk down to the zebra crossing further down, so in that sense it can take a bit longer. Then one day he decided to go the other way, which is what I call the front and is a lot safer and quicker and now that is the way we go.

Sometimes I have found with Henry is to let them decide rather than forcing him to do something different and if it means leaving extra early or stops them from having a tantrum sometimes you just got to do it, to make them and your life easier.

However Henry does work better because he has learned what is next without being surprised as he hates that with a routine. I have once or twice done something different after school for example instead of going straight home, example I took him to the coffee shop so he could have a chocolate muffin and I had a coffee and then we because he loves buses, got the bus back home.

I did have to explain though and told him that we would be doing this after school before he went into school, so he knew and that this was a one off. Sometimes if you don’t give a child a pre warning if you have done something once they will expect it again.

Henry has developed an interest in drawing which he used to never be interested in, but again its when he chooses too, but I often just leave a pencil and notepad out and he will when not being paid attention too or forced will begin to draw. He still not able to write words, numbers or letters, but knows what number is what and certain words and what each letter is.

Image result for quotes about a childs learning

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My Son At 4 years and 11 months

Son in his school uniform

Where has the time gone, I can’t believe my son is almost 5 years of age. He is now thankfully toilet trained, only at night does he still where a pullem up, but even with that we’ll soon be losing the night time pants as he tends to use the actual toilet at night more than in his pullem up.

He has begun going to school, on half term this week, but he is doing really well. He still needs to work on his speech, but they seem to have his learning all sorted, as they do a lot of visual images so he getting what other words mean.

We are having to get him to identify numbers, colours and letters.

He knows what different fruits are, and is now eating bananas again, but still has gone off other fruits and vegetables.

At the moment he is having a nap because he wakes up so early. Early being 4am. We have tried to let him stay up later, but still he will wake up early. Rarely will he sleep in, but he doesn’t demand to go downstairs so much now, so I do get a lie in on days he doesn’t have school.

I know this is cliche but it has been a massive journey, I have made mistakes and still feel I am making them, but must not be doing to bad of a job because he has come on leaps and bounds, and seems to be progressing each day.

I will post again once he reach his 5th birthday.

Many thanks for reading,



My son at 4 years 9 months

I can’t believe how fast it has gone and how much my son, Henry, has grown.

He is now toilet trained, even though he still wears a nappy at night and been debating weather to or not to put one on when he naps during the day.

Please do not judge me on that, but his naps during the day are becoming less frequent aswell, and he will often have a dry nappy, so I try to leave the nappy off during the day as much as possible. He is a sleep at the moment, but he has been awake since 3am this morning, so was bound to be tired this morning.

That is one thing that has changed his sleep pattern. We try not to allow him to watch his tablet for too long, and he is very good at getting himself to sleep, but he won’t always be asleep for long, and does often wake up during the night.

Sometimes he will nap in the car aswell, but he doesn’t have a nappy on when we are out, and he will use public toilets now where before he wouldn’t. We have been  using our portable toilet seat, see my blog “Toilet Training Success” blog on my website for further details about this:


Here is a photo of my son on the swings, when my mum and I took him to Selsey for a couple of days. He walked a lot when we were in Selsey only sitting down a few times, but we didn’t use the pushchair once.

We still use the pushchair, but we are trying to phase it out, and when he starts school next week I will have him walk there.

I still can’t get my head around the fact that he will be at school next week, and I am a little anxious about it. He hasn’t settled to the thought of school well so far, and when I took him to his moving up day, he didn’t want to leave my side.

It was only when he saw there was a water play area, that he started to play and settle a bit, but then he saw the entrance doors open and tried to escape a few times.

He does love other children, especially older ones, and loved playing with his cousins in Selsey and even held their hands to walk along the seaside. He loves older children, and couldn’t stop watching them when they came out to play, on his moving up day.

I think once he sees other children playing and having fun, I think he will then settle into school. We are still teaching him to pull his trousers up and down, which he can do. Well he can take them off, no problem, just pulling them back on he struggles with, and it will be doing them up again, that he may find tricky.

I have been teaching him more about his name, and how to identify it. At Henry’s nursery they now lay out green leaves out with each child’s name on them and they have to put them on this tree attached to the wall, and I encourage Henry to find his name and put his leaf on the tree, and he will do it.

I think that is a brilliant thing to do, to teach children their name.

Henry loves Playdoh and will often have my mum’s Playdoh set to out to play with, and is happy for a long time. He loves kinder eggs, and we often when we go shopping have to buy him one, otherwise it can be world war 3.

He also loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Spongebob still and Peppa Pig.

It has gone so quickly, since the first day he was born, and he seems to develop more each day. I am so happy about the toilet training, just need to keep on with the getting the clothes on, as he loves being naked, and getting him more used to seeing his name.

So I will post again soon, probably coming up to his next birthday, but until then many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

My son at 4 years and 4 months

My son is now 4 years and 4 months old, soon to be starting school in September.

My son

We are still Potty Training, I had not idea it would take this long, but we think he is getting the idea as he will sit on his potty when needing the toilet more now, just a few accidents on the way.

Yesterday he managed to on his tablet, which we use only so he can watch Peppa Pig and nursery rhymes, he actually dialed my mum and did face time yesterday evening, at 4 years old.

He even lined up his cups in order as they have numbers at the bottom and had them neatly lined up. I did praise him for doing so and because he saw it was a good thing, he did it again.

We played a game where by I hid a ball under the cups he had to try and pick which cup the ball was under. He loved this game, that we played it for a long while.

Meal times vary his appetite keeps changing from becoming very high to very low, and he even told me that his meal in the evening was too much, so now we try and give him smaller portions.

We have started to give him a multi vitamin as he not keen on vegetables at the moment, he just decided he didn’t like them, even though he did eat them before with no fuss at all.

He now asks more for things now, like if he wants to watch football or rugby or Peppa Pig. We try to balance it out, so he can have less ball time more mental play, such as getting him to do puzzles or drawing.

When he does say a new word we praise him for it, and let him know that his length of communication is getting good, and he will sit down more and play rather than wanting to run around all the time.

We are trying to ease him out of the pushchair by taking him out without the pushchair, and when he walks with us we praise him, but if he runs off we make sure he knows not to by not taking him to the park for example. He can have privileges, when he has done good, not when he has done wrong.

I do feel he has progressed hugely since he turned 4, still got a lot of progression to work on in terms of his communication, but feel it is getting better each day.

I would love to hear how your little one is growing too, do you have any tips you would like to share of how to for example to potty train with less accidents.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Now my son is now 4 years old he is becoming more engaging in so much. His favourite thing is football, and requests for it everyday or watching Peppa Pig.

He now will try to form sentences and his communication which was slightly delayed has progressed so much now, that he is becoming less frustrated when trying to tell me something, like if he wants a drink or a certain type of food.

We are now are trying to do more mental play rather than doing physical play all the time, as he will play ball all day if we don’t. We try to get him to play matching pairs, or do a puzzle, or play with cars and do imitation. Henry imitates a lot.

Potty training is still underway and now we are putting him in pants during the day and he is more keen on using the actual toilet rather than his potty.

It can be frustrating though at times as he will play up on occasions like he did this morning, where he wouldn’t let me put his trousers on or his shoes, but he knows by changing the tone of my voice, that he is doing wrong and will stop.

Now his communication is a lot better he is having less meltdowns, he doesn’t always nap now and can stay awake the whole day.

I have already begun applying for schools and have picked by 4 choices, now is the time to apply for schools if your child too is beginning school this September.

You will know once you visit the schools which is the right one for your child, like you may have done when searching for a good nursery. It’s a feeling you just know when it is right.

I will report back once Henry gets nearer to starting school, on how he is doing.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x



My son nearly coming up to 4 years old

Henry at almost 4 years old

Henry is now coming up to 4 years old and we are now looking at schools for him, as he will be starting school in September 2018. He has more energy than before if that is even possible, but it seems that he does.

He isn’t talking still as much as we would like but he is saying more new words each day and in the last couple of months or so, begun to speak full sentences.

Nap times vary and sometimes he has gone a full day without a nap, depends on how early he has woken up and how much energy he has used up at the beginning of the day. He still tends to wake early, but this can vary aswell. It can be between 5 to 6am.

Henry goes to nursery twice a week now on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30am and to 4pm.

He was swearing say a few naughty words, but we have been nipping this in the bud, by ignoring him and he has realized that he doesn’t get a reaction so stops.

At the moment we are working to see if he can have some more speech and language sessions to help with his communication as he has the tendency to throw things when he doesn’t understand or can’t communicate correctly.

For his birthday we are taking him to a place called Flipout in Wandsworth, and invited some other children, and then having food and extra play at my step dads school, where they have a nursery.

Time has gone so fast and he is forever growing and looking forward to the next days and months where he will doing more still.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



New products recommended

Here are some essentials I would always make sure I  have in the home or out and about.

One item is a thermometer.

I always make sure I have one of these as you never know if they are struck by an illness, and recommend a portable one so you can take it away with you. There are ones which you can check temperature, inside your childs ear, and acts as a room thermometer too.

The other item is a Potty, and a mini toilet seat, great to have one in each room or floor of the house, just in case you get caught short.

We have a cheaper version from Boots, was £4.99 and a more expensive one which is thomas the Tank engine, as shown above, the one above cost £32.99 from, Boots and bought a smaller Winnie the pooh toilet seat, with step cost £9.99 each for the seat and step.

Toddler cups/First training cups, you can get a good price one from Boots, at £1.45 or even the Poundland stores.

Clarks Toddler Sandals, really smart we get a pair every summer and will continue to do so.

Perfect for their little feet and comfortable too.

So please let me know what you would recommend for a toddler, whether it would be clothes to toys, I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Potty Training Videos

Not easy! however I have come across some videos on Youtube which have been most helpful.

The 3rd one is quite funny and make you see, that you are not alone in feeling a little frustrated, as potty training is a transition for everyone, so never fear watching and learning from others can really help.

There are some great story books and cartoon type videos too to help. An example below:

I hope you found this useful and if you want to share some tips please do, be most welcomed.

Many thanks for reading and watching,


Carrie X

3 years and 6 months

My son Henry is getting stronger than ever. He now is walking up and down the stairs as supposed to climbing up them on his hands and knees, and is more stable on his feet.

We can no longer go to the park without his ball, as I will hear continously “Ball, Ball”, He will say the words Hello to people and goodbye when they leave. He still being potty trained, and this is taking its time, aswell as walking too.

He will spot different sounds of cars, hellicopters, which he calls “Butter”, how? Only he knows. He will spot a plane, he will know what a car is and when he has had enough of sitting in the pushchair he will begin to say “Walk, Walk”. He won’t always walk in the direction we want, but he is identifying now, that if he walks with us, he can stay out of the pushchair.

He not so into the swings now, or the playground, and will now walk through the park with me up to the big crossing we have, but he still won’t walk with us, from that point, as he wants to go the other way. Again no idea why.

We have a bit of a dilemma with food, as yesterday he was kicking off a lot because he wanted to get down and not eat. This time of year it is tricky as he does get very hot, and he wants to drink more than eat. So now we are gonna try no snacks, so he eats more of his meals.

It has been a tricky time as he is growing and learning new things each day, but it has been an experience and eye opener for us too.

He has had more Occupational Therapy, and again he won’t always want to sit down, unless it involves a ball or some bubbles.

I know this little moments won’t last forever but when he does do something knew my heart leaps with joy, but also a little sad, as the little baby that once was is becoming a grown boy.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X