Books My Son Loves

As it was Black Friday or Black Friday week I should say a few weeks ago, for the first time I took advantage. Last year I was a bit of a humbug about it as like others I know, I was going over the thought of it isn’t something us Brits do, and all we are doing is copying our fellow people in America.

However I am someone who loves to be Frugal and I do try my best not to pay full price on products, so I thought I am not going to be a humbug and see what deals I could find. I received a catalog from The Book People and it so happened to be pay day so I had a little spend or too.

They were doing some great classics that my son already has and so I wanted to do a blog on books my son loves to read or more to be read to him. A book for Christmas is always a great gift.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea


Absolute classic and I love reading this book to Henry and he loves this story too.

The Book People have a special Edition available with case and some other merchandise for those who would love to buy some memorabilia of this classic story.

Click link to check out details and prices:

It is about exactly that about The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


Dear Zoo

A book that my son loves to look at, and to be read to him. There are lots of animals to find in this book and a great way to teach your little one about different animals. I love reading this book and mimicking the sounds which my son joins in to.

He has had this book since a young baby and great for a bed time read or for stimulation and home learning.


The Book People have an offer of buying not just a the book but of the lion from the book, as a cuddly toy blanket. £4.99 is the current price of the book and £10 for the blanket. Check out link below:

It is basically is about someone who wrote to the zoo to send them a pet, but they were sent quite a few animals which didn’t quite suit until the very end, I wonder what it was?


The Rabbit Who Wants To Go To Sleep

This book was a God’s send, especially as at the time we couldn’t get Henry to settle so talking to a mum on a local bus, she recommended this book and after a few attempts at reading this book, it really did work.


It is available from the Book People at £4.99 perfect as a gift, should only be read before nap or bedtime in the evening.

Warning! It does make you feel sleepy when reading this book, so make sure you read the instructions at the beginning of the book, as it explains when the book should be read and how to read the book for it to be effective


Peek-a-Boo Pop Up Collection

These are great books. Would be fantastic as a Christmas gift to help encourage a young baby or toddler to read, and stimulate their sight, touch and observation skills. We still read these to Henry and have these in our living room for the evening as we read to him after his dinner just before we read to him upstairs.

You have the Very silly Sheep, The Very Happy Hen and The Very Ticklish Tiger. Available as set of 3 books, for £4.99.

Peek-a-Boo Pop-Up Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781848573284 - Jack Tickle

So I hope this has helped with ideas, if you are looking to buy a book for a little one. I would always encourage reading as it is a great skill and you don’t have to spend the earth to do so.

Why not check out your local Charity shops too, I have bought many of Henry’s books from our local charity shops, you can find some great classics there too. 

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X