Henry is now in year one

Henry is now in year one, and following on from my previous blog “My son completed his first year at school” I forgot to mention that at the end of last year he won the book prize in his class.

He won a book called “Six Dinner Sid” and won it because of the progress he had made through his first year.

The book Henry won in the school book prize

So far he has almost completed 3 weeks and 3 days since he began he new year at school. Since he began all the teachers have noticed since last year ended, from being away for school holidays, how much more progress he has made.

He is speaking non stop and saying more words and sentences as the days and weeks continue. His memory and recognition skills are excellent, and I think he won’t have my no sense of direction as he instantly remembers where he is and where to go.

Henry is very observant, he loves airplanes and spot one from a mile away and thinks all planes have a “White Engine”. No idea why but that is what he says as soon as he sees one. We have to stop and look before he will continue to walk.

He is beginning to listen to instructions and pick up on certain reactions, so when he misbehaves, as soon as we show no interest he will usually react by coming to you, to get your attention, so that’s when I will continue to give him instructions and is when I get his full attention.

So far he has been doing his homework. Occasionally he will try to refuse and say “No” however he knows the rule now, that if he doesn’t he can’t play until his homework is done, and I have now put a reward system in place to help encourage him. Seems to be working at the moment.

He will now do some drawing, before he wasn’t interested at all. He will recognise numbers and letters. We often use his wall charts, which I would totally recommend, on his walls in his bedroom to do some counting and have him find letters.

The wall charts I purchased from the The Book People.

They no longer have these ones, but they do have a new chart is a poster of Timestables (Please see link):


You can find those of wall charts for children on Amazon:


Or check out Google of places you can get wall charts from:


Henry bedroom wall charts

Henry has two new favourite songs. As a baby and toddler it was “Only You” by the Flying Pickets and Sia “Soon we’ll be found”.

Now it is Starship, “We built this city” and Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”.

Music is really great for a child’s development, learning from experience, as it helps them to recognise sounds and words.

The one class I would recommend if you have a baby or a toddler is Monkey Music. I absolutely loved this class and helped me get to know some of the mums who’s children go to Henry’s school, and happen to be in the same year. This was before he had even begun school, but when he was a baby, then a toddler.

Monkey music logo

Henry’s favourite film at the moment is “Polar Express”, and his current TV programmes are Match of the Day, because he often wants to watch football, and I can’t always afford to pay for Sky Sports. He will often watch Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Spongebob or Peter Rabbit.

I allow him to watch a little Youtube. He tends to watch football and often gets us all, such as myself, my husband, my mum and the teachers at school to play the “Crossbar Challenge”. Otherwise it is My Talking Tom and music of the songs I have already mentioned above.

crossbar challenge

Henry has become quite fussy when it comes to food. He completely gone of most fruits and vegetables. He will only eat at the moment, raisins and sultanas.

He was at one point having a banana at school, which he would take with him, but stopped eating them.

Now he will eat potato but in the form of chips, croquettes, waffles, mashed or roasted. Won’t eat boiled spuds at all and doesn’t like crinkle chips.

Since starting year 1 he has received some more books at school, which I didn’t expect. They were given to him by one of the school teachers who looks after Henry, which was lovely, and loves the book called Dear Zoo.

The books Henry received at school

Soon it will be Henry’s 6th birthday which I will share too on this page, and without a shadow of a doubt he would have grown and progressed even more.

We are having a few challenges as mentioned such as fussy eating, we are still going through bed-wetting, which I did write a blog about on my other blog, which I share with this one The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks, about bedwetting, and behaviour problems too. Yesterday at school the teacher told me Henry was pinching and kicking again and he has become very stroppy and defiant at times. Check out my blog about Handling Bad Behaviour.

Since the Birth of My Son Henry, it hasn’t been easy and there are days and times like above where I feel like we are often taking  a few steps backward, but I still of course love my son to bits and will do all I can to help him develop and learn from his behaviour, by continuing to teach him about what is good and what is bad, but at the same time let him be able to express himself as much as possible, to help communicate even more.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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