My sons fifth Christmas

This year will be my son’s fifth Christmas, and now he is beginning to get to know what Christmas is about.

He knows what a Christmas Tree is and who Santa Claus is. He has met him twice already this year, first time when we took him on the Watercress Line in Hampshire and at Chessington Garden centre.

This year I have bought him some books for him to draw in, as we are trying to get him to a least scribble at the moment, as he is a bit reluctant to write at the moment or draw so we are encouraging him to start using these skills.

I have bought some really nice Pajamas sets from H&M, a book from Poundland and a sticker book.

He was dancing today to some Christmas music in the car and whilst we were in Marks and Spencers.

He has truly grown and his favourite film at the moment is Polar Express.

I am really looking forward to when he opens up his presents tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X