Now my son is now 4 years old he is becoming more engaging in so much. His favourite thing is football, and requests for it everyday or watching Peppa Pig.

He now will try to form sentences and his communication which was slightly delayed has progressed so much now, that he is becoming less frustrated when trying to tell me something, like if he wants a drink or a certain type of food.

We are now are trying to do more mental play rather than doing physical play all the time, as he will play ball all day if we don’t. We try to get him to play matching pairs, or do a puzzle, or play with cars and do imitation. Henry imitates a lot.

Potty training is still underway and now we are putting him in pants during the day and he is more keen on using the actual toilet rather than his potty.

It can be frustrating though at times as he will play up on occasions like he did this morning, where he wouldn’t let me put his trousers on or his shoes, but he knows by changing the tone of my voice, that he is doing wrong and will stop.

Now his communication is a lot better he is having less meltdowns, he doesn’t always nap now and can stay awake the whole day.

I have already begun applying for schools and have picked by 4 choices, now is the time to apply for schools if your child too is beginning school this September.

You will know once you visit the schools which is the right one for your child, like you may have done when searching for a good nursery. It’s a feeling you just know when it is right.

I will report back once Henry gets nearer to starting school, on how he is doing.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x