My Son’s 4th Christmas

I couldn’t work out at first how many Christmases my son has been present for, being that he was born unexpectedly at 31 weeks. It still kinda knocks me off track to workout how many seasonal holidays he has been around for.

So working it out, it kind of hit me like a massive wave realising this is Henry’s 4th Christmas.

He is still unaware of what it is all about, but with the his nursery being all done up for the festive season and we have done our bit to decorate the home for Christmas too, he is kind of getting that it is a time of creating more light and shine into homes and places he goes to.


This is a picture from Henry’s very first Christmas, he was still classed as a premature baby then, and wasn’t even full term as of yet.

As he was so unexpected, wasn’t due until the 9th January 2014, our world instantly changed and we hadn’t even got a single decoration up, because of his unplanned arrival, but I would not have changed it for the world.


This is from Christmas 2014 of Henry and his Cousins Ava and Ruby. We had my husband’s family over for Christmas day so we went over to my mum’s on Christmas Eve and spent time with my family on that day instead.


Here is Henry at his Uncle Bluto’s in Lincoln. This was where we spent Christmas last year. His Uncle dressed up as Santa Claus, but Henry was still unaware, and we invented a game, where we were chucking Henry’s ball into the back of his toy truck, it was actually really funny and Henry loved it.

Henry has already visited Santa this year at his Nursery and had attended his first Christmas party, which they had at Henry’s nursery on the same day as when he visited Santa.

As soon as he sat with Santa Claus he wanted to run off. Children can either be not bothered by who Santa is at baby to toddler stage, or as one child was on the day Henry met Santa at his nursery, be quite scared of Santa Claus at first.

We are going to take Henry to see Santa again, in Wimbledon tomorrow. I hope the more he sees the image of Santa Claus he will start to identify who he is.

He has begun to say his own name now, and has started to say Hiya and Hello again now on greeting, and even says “Night, night” at bedtime. It truly is sweet, and “Water” when he wants a drink.

Christmas to children is still fairly new, and it is to Henry. We have bought him presents but not too many, as he still got gifts from his birthday he still hasn’t opened or toys that he hasn’t played with yet, so he has enough to be getting on with, and to be honest he isn’t really aware of what gifts are yet either.

He is too busy into everything else.

I hope though that by next year he will have a more of an idea of the festive season, but what is important is enjoying how our son is now. They grow up so fast, that time is so precious and you have to make the most of every single second.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X