My son at 15 months

My son is now 15 months old and it is amazing to see him grow and see him changing it seems everyday.

He is almost saying mummy now, but knows very well how to say Dadda and says it as soon as he sees him. I though today I heard him say hello to the workman today, which I know it’s just a little word but the feeling is indescribable. He can run around in his walker, stand a little without holding on to anything, walk pushing his other walker. I love the big smiles I get and hugs, when I have been out as for example last Saturday I had a job interview and daddy looked after Henry. It was so lovely to see him give me that beaming smile as I walked through the door.

Fingers foods is getting tricky, he knows what food is when he sees it starts clapping his lips together in eagerness saying “Yes please” and he will happily eat most foods. He just won’t pick up the food to his mouth, he will play with it and then throw on the floor. As like most things it is a working progress, I am sure we will get there.

I am gonna try and put some food in his hand and show by taking the food in his hand to his mouth, but I know this won’t be easy as it will probably end up being a tug of war.

Weaning was tough at first as I would make fresh as well has already jar and pouch foods, and did feel disheartened when some of the fresh foods or more puree’s I had made he would turn his head away in protest. However I have come to realise that this is all part of his development and learning. They are human beings after all and won’t like everything. They learn to make choices at a very early age.

I would not replace it for the world, it was challenge at first being awaken every two hours, and then he did sleep for longer for a time, but then he began teething and it was back to short sleeps again, now though apart from a few nights as our boiler packed in and so had been very cold in the evenings and early morning, so had to buy and borrow a few heaters to warm our house up and his room, and yesterday he slept soundly until about 5am, which was fine, had to do 6:30 feed anyway and he had slept through the night and back to sleep this morning until about 10 this morning.

I am sorry now to those mums not so lucky, I was one of the babies until I was 6 years old, who cried and woke up every night.

I still struggle to sleep now but the person who has me moaning and nagging is my husband, sorry love.

It is ok to feel a little frustrated at times, and can feel that you are on a constant battle, of “Am I doing the right thin? Am I not?” but a lot is instinct and improvisation. I recommend joining a Mother and Toddler group as it is good to speak to other mums as you can feel a little isolated.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X