Henry going into Year 2 at school


So I promised in my last post, My Sons time in Year 1, that I would post on this site once a month, because I have another Parenting Blog related to this one, which is my main site for The Parenting Adventures, check the following link: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.com/

In this post I am talking about my son, Henry going into Year 2 at school. He literally has this week, weekend and next Wednesday he is back at school. I have already ordered more uniform as he now fits in a size 6 to 7 years.

His growth spurts have been drestick, as he will be a size 5-6 for about two weeks and then is now the next size. Henry is bit clingy, as he won’t go to the toilet by himself, but when I try to help him he will sometimes fuss, as if to say “Let me do it alone” the only bit he still won’t do is wipe his bottom.

He has gone off playing ball all he time, as there was a time where he would do nothing else. He likes buses, trains, cars and helicopters. He will play with pretend money, as he likes personating the show Tipping Point with it, or a drafts set we have.

Now he is going into Year 2, he will now be going into school in a different entrance and so going to get his book they made for him to help prepare for him, because these changes.

I and Henry’s dad, will be looking for another school in Year 3, as his current one, we have to reapply to get a place in the school, but they think Henry will be better off going to a school with less kids in his class and to help his ADHD.

He still unable to write much, but his reading is good and can identify letters, words and numbers now. Plus his adding up is good, and knows about money, like what a £5 note looks like for example.

As Henry took part in his first Sports club at his school during the school holidays,(check out blog post about it: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.com/2020/08/19/afterschool-and-summer-clubs/)

I am now going to see if I can get Henry into an after school club for this coming year, and do an afternoon club on a Friday, as it makes it easier for me and his dad, because he spends weekends with his dad, and instead of his dad picking him up from Wimbledon, he will be able to pick him up, once he has finished work, from school which finishes at 6pm.

He has taken to the new routine, of my son’s dad and I having joint custody, and that is one thing I will never stop my son doing, is spending time with his dad. In fact as of Tuesday Henry will be spending a week with his dad.

It gives me time to myself when Henry’s dad looks after him.

I think we are all looking forward to school again, as this helps free up my days again so I can do my work during the day rather than using the evenings and will mean Henry will be able to ride on a bus or train to and from school, which he loves.

So I am going to wrap up this blog here, but will post again in September which isn’t far.

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My son’s time in year 1


Henry has almost finished year 1 at school and even though we have had some bad days it appears that he has also had some good days at school too.

Looking at his school report I received and going through his school book it seems that he has done a lot, and even earned a few stickers at school for being a star pupil.

His reading is brilliant along with his pronunciation but he will still get some sentences around the wrong way and can be muddled, but as we have gone through his second year at school being in year 1, he tells us a lot more of what he has done at school, now more than what he did in his first year.

Henry is still very much a socible boy and loves seeing his school friends and has asked to go back to school when I have picked him up.

Of course there was some time he wasn’t at school due to the lockdown but he still did some school work like drawing and writing. Lockdown did take its toll so we were all were looking forward to his return at school, and even though he has been in a different class to when he began his time in year 1, still seemed to love it and has made more friends.

In his annual review this year back in January it was discussed that he may be better off being in a different school when he is goes up to year 3, but because of the lockdown we haven’t been able to look into any of that further, but going to do this during the summer holidays.

I am going to try and write a blog on this site once a month so please look out for these and I will tell you more about my son’s life as he continues to grow.

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Henry now at 6 years old


Henry reading his school book

Hello and welcome to my first post since March 2020 since the Lockdown. Henry is now 6 years old and is changing everyday.

He can say more words and sentences and has begun to write aswell as read. He reads really well and his pronunciation is superb.

We have tried to get him to do different activities since there has been no school due to the school being closed because of the coronovirus.

He went back there today, and got a little stressed about it as he not in his normal classroom.

Henry thrives on structure and routine still and loves socializing, to the point he wants to give other kids a hug, which we have tried to explain that he can’t do that, at the moment.

He is now completely toilet trained which has taken its time, boy no one tells you how long this can take, but we are finally in a place where we can sleep without the worry of him wetting the bed.

With the lockdown he has coped really well and we have tried to do homeschooling by getting him to read and write.

Luckily my mum’s husband is a caretaker of a school and lives onsite, and so when there has been no kids we have let Henry play football in the playground or he has played in his paddling pool.

Henry still loves quiz shows such as Countdown and Tenable, along with Tipping Point.

He has grown so much and is shooting up, that soon he will be as tall as me and I’m a short arse so he is getting taller and a lot more steadier on his feet.

I will post again soon on this site to let you know of his progression.

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Carrie X






Henry now in 2020


My son Henry has been off this week due to school being closed because of the Coronovirus and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do an update on how he is.

He luckily has not been effected with the virus, I’m touching wood to make sure I don’t jinx this as it is a massive Pandemic and one we shouldn’t be taking lightly.

Henry has now lost a tooth his first one and now is beginning to grow his new teeth, I suppose I will have to get out a mortgage to subsidize this, apparently it is £2.50 a tooth now.

Boy oh boy are my purse strings going to feel it. We have been reading a book called my wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out really good book and very funny. Henry loves it.

There are many books in this series that I will buy more as they are great stories.

At the moment Henry is watching Spongebob whilst I am typing this post up and loves watching football, looking forward to when Match Of The Day comes back on myself as many programmes like this last up to 7 days on the Now TV box and I am coming the point already of running out of ideas.

I would totally recommend Now TV for kids brilliant as you have programmes like Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Peter Rabbit and of course there many kids films to watch too.

My son is now drawing a lot more which did take its time and yesterday we played out in the garden he helped me to replant a pot. This is great opportunity to have your kids do different things around the house, and I wrote a post two days ago about Getting kids to tidy up, which is something you can make fun and gets bits done that you normally can’t do because of doing the school run etc.

He really knows his numbers and we have been doing some worksheets and I love doing these activities myself going to create more at home for Henry to do as these are great to have kids counting and sharing stories.

Henry loves airplanes and we often have to take our time walking to and from school to plane spot and watch buses go by. It is a shame there is no school as he loves it there and seeing him smile when I pick him up or when he comes in after his dad has picked him up is worth every penny.

So I will share more very soon on Henry and other items I recommend but until I wish yo all well and lets see this pandemic through together

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carrie X

Blogmas begins tomorrow



Hello! Yes I am doing Blogmas this year, posting various blogs on either of my sites everyday from tomorrow, 1st December to the 25th December 2019. I will be updating you about Henry now this is his 6th Christmas and how he is now understanding a lot more about the festive season.

Henry for a long time didn’t really know what was going on, but now he is and seeing your child discover and grow new findings as they develop is fantastic but mind boggling at the same time.

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My son at 6 years old


My son with my husband Trilby hat on at  6 years old

I can not believe how fast the time has gone and sometimes I wish I could freeze the time for a few hours or so, because before you know it they are leaving their baby hood to move onto toddler world and then onto school.

Henry has grown so much even since I last posted on this site check out my last blog post in this link here: Henry is now in year one and is doing new things each day for example he now will tell us what he wants more, as before because he has speech delay didn’t often do even up to he was 5 and would point or take you to things instead of talking, but you do have to encourage them to speak by saying “Tell me” and if you can create which I have begun to do, flash cards to help with the word and images, this can really make a difference.

My son and my niece aswell who is younger than Henry, will more or less go by the image rather than the word to know the word and what it is associated with.

He is a little behind at school because unlike last year there is a lot more structured learning.  Last year, in early years it was very much about learn and play, but this year it is a lot of sit down and learning which Henry does find tricky to do. However and we have tried to explain this to his school who I do praise as they have helped immensely but because his teachers don’t see him 7 days a week often don’t see what we do and that is if it is something he is interested in like at the moment it is helicopters or football he will sit down and concentrate.

So what I have done is used that to say for example when out “How many helicopters have we seen today” and we will go over how many we have seen or if there happens to me more than one at a time I say and the same for planes too as he loves these also “let’s count how many we can see”. Henry works better with simple learning techniques and counting is just as important as adding up and subtracting, and with Henry I find introducing little bits at a time to be more effective and will remember. Repetition is the key and it can get tiresome but overwhelming him never I have found, has helped either. I include more gradually as Henry is beginning to learn and understand.

This year for his birthday check out my blog which I wrote on my other parenting site about Arranging a kids birthday/never try to please everyone because it is just impossible, which I share more about what we did, but we booked a gymnasium type of venue where kids could jump, swing and just basically go crazy, which they did as this is what Henry adores.

The difference between when Henry as a baby and a toddler is that he didn’t really know what to going on, on his birthday and wasn’t really interested in opening up his presents but this year most definitely and he is opening one up at the moment to help cheer him up as he has been unwell and off school, as he was sent home from school on Monday and Tuesday, is he really loves opening up his presents and going through his cards now and to be a bit different this year and to stop Henry eating too much chocolate as I am guilty, is he has on some days had a lot of it, but doesn’t benefit him, is I am going to create his own personal Avent Calendar with different items. Once I have created this I will post more about this very soon on my other site The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks. 

He loved it when he was sung happy birthday this year and even cried afterwards when we got home. His party which was the Saturday before his birthday on the Monday, he wanted to be sung happy birthday to him once again, which my husband and I did, and also relighted a candle to do it again.

One thing I had not expected as no one tells you is that not only do children have the terrible two’s but with Henry he has had the terrible fives and six’s. He can be very stroppy and his new thing is, is sitting on the floor with his back to you facing a wall  folded arms and legs, and does a “humph”.

This reminds me of when I was a primary school, because back then if you did wrong the teachers would get you to face a wall crossed legged and arms for some times what felt like an eternity, and because this was punishment you didn’t really want to be doing this because you could be sitting there until break, lunch or or until end of day. I have done timeout and got Henry to sit in a corner more to calm him but not really to punish and not to face the wall, but Henry does this voluntarily when he can’t get his way.

He also stamps his feet, his favourite words when he has a strop is “NO” very loudly or “Go away”, which apparently he picked up from another child at school.

Yes unfortunately even though it has some positives, is that he does tend to copy a lot, so you do have to be careful with your language and behaviour, but the one good thing is he knows how to be loving and affectionate too.

Henry loves a book still and enjoys a story one being Each Peach Pear Plum, which he has liked since he was a baby and really enjoys this book more than ever and even joins in at the end of the book and is very good at reading  books too. Henry’s pronunciation is brilliant and says words very clearly. He still doesn’t understand some words so we do have to ask effective questions and simple’s ones and use images if we can, this is where flash cards or props do come in handy, and this is not to boast but to show that if your child has development delay too then don’t worry as they will often catch up, may take a little longer but I have found being consistent and persistent, making gradual changes as he does on his own too, but will get there soon, and more often have a lot of other strengths that helps them with their weaknesses too.

Henry for example has known how to unlock doors and open gates, which in turn has helped him with his independence. Yes it does mean that we have to make sure the back door key is taken out and our front door is locked when we are in and key is removed too, because he can easily get out, but at the same time if when it is lot less cold, not raining and his is not unwell and it is a sunny warm day and not dark, when the key is in the back door he can open it himself without needing help should he want to play out in the garden.

He has learned at school by doing each day and has a fantastic memory of where his peg is to hang his coat at school and where to put his book bag, and the same for when we are at home.

What we have done to help implement the learning he has learned at school and the school has done to help us with what we have taught Henry to help with his development at home is collaborating with the teachers and making sure we do the same kind of things they do at school and they in turn do the same to what he has learned at home, to help him continue to grow as a person and not get confused or thrown off course,   and to with his transitions each day and what is expected of him.

Henry works well with a good routine and structure but often he will let us know when he wants a change. Example for ages we would walk the back way to school which isn’t really longer but I do have to leave a little earlier because of the busy road we cross as often in the morning it can be full of cars and getting a cross the road as there isn’t a zebra or traffic light crossing near and is further down have to be take our time to cross when there are less cars on the road and Henry has lost patience to walk down to the zebra crossing further down, so in that sense it can take a bit longer. Then one day he decided to go the other way, which is what I call the front and is a lot safer and quicker and now that is the way we go.

Sometimes I have found with Henry is to let them decide rather than forcing him to do something different and if it means leaving extra early or stops them from having a tantrum sometimes you just got to do it, to make them and your life easier.

However Henry does work better because he has learned what is next without being surprised as he hates that with a routine. I have once or twice done something different after school for example instead of going straight home, example I took him to the coffee shop so he could have a chocolate muffin and I had a coffee and then we because he loves buses, got the bus back home.

I did have to explain though and told him that we would be doing this after school before he went into school, so he knew and that this was a one off. Sometimes if you don’t give a child a pre warning if you have done something once they will expect it again.

Henry has developed an interest in drawing which he used to never be interested in, but again its when he chooses too, but I often just leave a pencil and notepad out and he will when not being paid attention too or forced will begin to draw. He still not able to write words, numbers or letters, but knows what number is what and certain words and what each letter is.

Image result for quotes about a childs learning

Anyway I will post again probably around Christmas or new year on this site. I post more regularly usually on a weekly basis on my other site of The Parenting Adventures, which gives tips and tricks for parents, please check out this link below: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.wordpress.com/ 

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Henry is now in year one


Henry is now in year one, and following on from my previous blog “My son completed his first year at school” I forgot to mention that at the end of last year he won the book prize in his class.

He won a book called “Six Dinner Sid” and won it because of the progress he had made through his first year.

The book Henry won in the school book prize

So far he has almost completed 3 weeks and 3 days since he began he new year at school. Since he began all the teachers have noticed since last year ended, from being away for school holidays, how much more progress he has made.

He is speaking non stop and saying more words and sentences as the days and weeks continue. His memory and recognition skills are excellent, and I think he won’t have my no sense of direction as he instantly remembers where he is and where to go.

Henry is very observant, he loves airplanes and spot one from a mile away and thinks all planes have a “White Engine”. No idea why but that is what he says as soon as he sees one. We have to stop and look before he will continue to walk.

He is beginning to listen to instructions and pick up on certain reactions, so when he misbehaves, as soon as we show no interest he will usually react by coming to you, to get your attention, so that’s when I will continue to give him instructions and is when I get his full attention.

So far he has been doing his homework. Occasionally he will try to refuse and say “No” however he knows the rule now, that if he doesn’t he can’t play until his homework is done, and I have now put a reward system in place to help encourage him. Seems to be working at the moment.

He will now do some drawing, before he wasn’t interested at all. He will recognise numbers and letters. We often use his wall charts, which I would totally recommend, on his walls in his bedroom to do some counting and have him find letters.

The wall charts I purchased from the The Book People.

They no longer have these ones, but they do have a new chart is a poster of Timestables (Please see link):


You can find those of wall charts for children on Amazon:


Or check out Google of places you can get wall charts from:


Henry bedroom wall charts

Henry has two new favourite songs. As a baby and toddler it was “Only You” by the Flying Pickets and Sia “Soon we’ll be found”.

Now it is Starship, “We built this city” and Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”.

Music is really great for a child’s development, learning from experience, as it helps them to recognise sounds and words.

The one class I would recommend if you have a baby or a toddler is Monkey Music. I absolutely loved this class and helped me get to know some of the mums who’s children go to Henry’s school, and happen to be in the same year. This was before he had even begun school, but when he was a baby, then a toddler.

Monkey music logo

Henry’s favourite film at the moment is “Polar Express”, and his current TV programmes are Match of the Day, because he often wants to watch football, and I can’t always afford to pay for Sky Sports. He will often watch Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Spongebob or Peter Rabbit.

I allow him to watch a little Youtube. He tends to watch football and often gets us all, such as myself, my husband, my mum and the teachers at school to play the “Crossbar Challenge”. Otherwise it is My Talking Tom and music of the songs I have already mentioned above.

crossbar challenge

Henry has become quite fussy when it comes to food. He completely gone of most fruits and vegetables. He will only eat at the moment, raisins and sultanas.

He was at one point having a banana at school, which he would take with him, but stopped eating them.

Now he will eat potato but in the form of chips, croquettes, waffles, mashed or roasted. Won’t eat boiled spuds at all and doesn’t like crinkle chips.

Since starting year 1 he has received some more books at school, which I didn’t expect. They were given to him by one of the school teachers who looks after Henry, which was lovely, and loves the book called Dear Zoo.

The books Henry received at school

Soon it will be Henry’s 6th birthday which I will share too on this page, and without a shadow of a doubt he would have grown and progressed even more.

We are having a few challenges as mentioned such as fussy eating, we are still going through bed-wetting, which I did write a blog about on my other blog, which I share with this one The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks, about bedwetting, and behaviour problems too. Yesterday at school the teacher told me Henry was pinching and kicking again and he has become very stroppy and defiant at times. Check out my blog about Handling Bad Behaviour.

Since the Birth of My Son Henry, it hasn’t been easy and there are days and times like above where I feel like we are often taking  a few steps backward, but I still of course love my son to bits and will do all I can to help him develop and learn from his behaviour, by continuing to teach him about what is good and what is bad, but at the same time let him be able to express himself as much as possible, to help communicate even more.

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My Son Completed his first year at school

My son Henry who is now 5 years old, has completed his first year at school, and what a year it has been.

Having regular interaction with other children and having speech therapy has really helped make a difference to his speech and development.

He only got a bit fearful on his second day, and got a bit upset when transitioning to the upper year (year 1), but apart from that he has loved it, and has gone into school with no fuss.

There has been own clothes days where I have forgotten and so he has ended up in school uniform, but joining the mums whatsapp group has really helped remind me.

He still needs to work on his development, in terms of communication, dressing himself and we are still in the process of getting to be toilet trained at night, but he has come along way since he first started school.

During the six weeks holiday we did our utmost best to prepare for year 1 and I will post how he is getting on soon.

Here is a blog I wrote on the website I share with this one called:


Where I have shared how I have prepared Henry for the year ahead and getting him back into a school routine.

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My sons fifth Christmas

This year will be my son’s fifth Christmas, and now he is beginning to get to know what Christmas is about.

He knows what a Christmas Tree is and who Santa Claus is. He has met him twice already this year, first time when we took him on the Watercress Line in Hampshire and at Chessington Garden centre.

This year I have bought him some books for him to draw in, as we are trying to get him to a least scribble at the moment, as he is a bit reluctant to write at the moment or draw so we are encouraging him to start using these skills.

I have bought some really nice Pajamas sets from H&M, a book from Poundland and a sticker book.

He was dancing today to some Christmas music in the car and whilst we were in Marks and Spencers.

He has truly grown and his favourite film at the moment is Polar Express.

I am really looking forward to when he opens up his presents tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

My Son At 4 years and 11 months

Son in his school uniform

Where has the time gone, I can’t believe my son is almost 5 years of age. He is now thankfully toilet trained, only at night does he still where a pullem up, but even with that we’ll soon be losing the night time pants as he tends to use the actual toilet at night more than in his pullem up.

He has begun going to school, on half term this week, but he is doing really well. He still needs to work on his speech, but they seem to have his learning all sorted, as they do a lot of visual images so he getting what other words mean.

We are having to get him to identify numbers, colours and letters.

He knows what different fruits are, and is now eating bananas again, but still has gone off other fruits and vegetables.

At the moment he is having a nap because he wakes up so early. Early being 4am. We have tried to let him stay up later, but still he will wake up early. Rarely will he sleep in, but he doesn’t demand to go downstairs so much now, so I do get a lie in on days he doesn’t have school.

I know this is cliche but it has been a massive journey, I have made mistakes and still feel I am making them, but must not be doing to bad of a job because he has come on leaps and bounds, and seems to be progressing each day.

I will post again once he reach his 5th birthday.

Many thanks for reading,